Bottega & Cucina

A workshop format dedicated to the cooking of yesteryear and the promotion of home-made products with a modern twist.

In the Middle Ages, when the road that passes through Romagnano di Grezzana was the main access route to Lessinia, wayfarers traveling on foot found shelter in the inns along the way, where they enjoyed the refreshing hospitality of the innkeepers.
The Casa del Custode at Villa Balis Crema is the heart of Bottega & Cucina, a restaurant formula inspired by local tradition, but reinterpreted with contemporary flair by chef Giacomo Sacchetto, who has entrusted its management to his right-hand man, Nicola Bertuzzi. It is he who takes on the role of the contemporary innkeeper and who welcomes modern travelers with a new dining experience, featuring typical local dishes reinterpreted in the house style, a careful selection products from the Valpantena and Lessinia area, and home-made preserves and jams made from the estate’s rich vegetable garden and orchards. Guests are welcomed in a warm and cosy atmosphere that extends across two rooms, one of which is more intimate, while the other features a large convivial table, once used for maturing cheese. The food and wine experience and the purchase of products – displayed on shelving made out of the ancient door copings of the villa – merge seamlessly. In summer, you can enjoy the magnificent tree-lined terrace in the courtyard next to the main of the Villa.

Friday 19.30-22.00
Saturday 12.30-14.30 and 19.30-22.00
Sunday 12.30-14.00
Monday and Tuesday 19.30-22.00
Wednesday and Thursday CLOSED

In the Bottega you can buy Souvenirs of Taste by La Cru. Pickled vegetables, gourmet delicacies in oil, jams and compotes, all freshly made from the produce of our garden, by our restaurant’s kitchen crew. Everything is packaged in an innovative and fun way, including personalised gift box compositions.
In addition, there is the olive oil produced by the Zecchini family, who own the estate, freshly baked bread each day, biscuits, holiday pastries and a careful selection of products from small local companies.

The dining formula includes an aperitif, light lunch and dinner. The average price is around 45/50 euros per person.

Our Bottega & Cucina is an extension of what we have always seen as a circular system of production, enhancement and supply: garden produce, tended by our culinary gardener Liliana Coroian, become preserves lined up on the shelves; the specialities of local artisans, dairies and charcuterie producers encounter local olive oil and wines, as well as bringing our philosophy to a vast audience of young people interested in the gourmet world and in exploring our land and its unique talents.